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July 2021- CD release



         Sonata in B minor

Lugubre Gondola I

Lugubre Gondola II


piano  Anne-Marie Fijal

photo cd LISZT-1.png

Score : Musical theater for wind quintet - libretto by Jean-Yves Picq 

composition and direction: Anne-Marie Fijal

State commission - Théâtre du Lierre Paris.


The Kiss :  Chamber opera for Baritone and instrumental ensemble of

Anne-Marie Fijal - Robert Walser libretto.

State order. Banff Canada Contemporary Music Festival World Premiere.


Mehr Licht : 2 works by Robert Walser- Snow White & the Pond

directed by Pascaline Ponti

La Criée de Marseille - Théâtre de l'Aquarium Paris .


Rimbaud / Piano : Piano and voice recital 

extracts from the work of Arthur Rimbaud

original music: A.M. Fijal

performer: P.Ponti


Phèdre performance / solo : Jean Racine - Pascaline Ponti performer

Lavoir Moderne Parisien / Avignon festival


Festival Yesterday & Today

Inauguration July 2021 at La Chartreuse du Liget of the classical and contemporary music festival.

2nd edition 2022

Festival  Hier & Aujourd'hui 2022

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